Greece is putting all June debt payments off til June 30th. They may get an advance payment from Russia on their pipeline deal and then hop out of the EU into the BRICS and start printing Drachmas again. That would be considered a default and then we’re off and running with a derivatives crash. I personally don’t give a shit about economic stuff but I believe that’s how they’re going to shake the world up. I don’t think they’re going to do it through another world war because they’ve backed themselves into a corner with their war technology. An honest to goodness war would be missile based and not tank, aircraft, or surface ship based. So you can see how they wouldn’t want to do a real world war again because it would end war altogether. War technology hinging on missiles would logically have to skip immediately to nuclear missiles and that would mean conventional war would be gone forever and they don’t want that. And they CAN’T do a nuke war because nuclear weapons are a hoax. So IMO all this talk about WWIII is bologna and the true shake up planned is economic. That will do the job well enough and they get to keep hoaxing their conventional conflicts.