Weird News Vol 1 (LIVE) | LTP #064

Have you looked at the news lately? In this episode we will cover some #weirdnews headlines and have some discussions about some of the weird things that are going on in our world. Maybe you have heard about some of these, maybe you haven’t. Either way, join us and let’s have some discussion and fun.

PANICd Paranormal History Videos – Our Haunted Travels is a series of paranormal history videos that we provide the history of the location, the ghost stories and folklore, the paranormal claims, our personal experiences, and why we believe the location could be haunted. Be sure to follow along with our adventures where we feature a new location we have visited each week at:…

Ghost Stories and Folklore are paranormal history videos that will cover the paranormal claims at the particular locations. On occasion, we may deviate from a location and provide some sort of creepy pasta or urban legend video. These videos are narrated by our mascot “Boris” to add that special creepy effect to the videos. So sit back, listen, and enjoy. You can see the complete catalog of Ghost Stories and Folklore Videos we have at:… #haunted #exploring #history

Tune in, let’s have some fun.


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